Camper Rules & Expectations

Above all -- Be kind to fellow campers, treat each other with respect!

  1. Arrive early for all sessions. Be prepared with shoes tied, knee pads on ready to start all sessions on time. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY. Please inform a staff member prior to the start of a session if you are unable to participate.
  2. Be ready to try everything that is taught (please be active unless you are injured.) The more you participate the better your skills will become.
  3. Listen to instructions and feedback from all coaches, the staff is hired to help you become a better player and to keep you safe.
  4. Work hard, ask questions during practice sessions
  5. Always check with your coach before leaving the courts during a session
  6. Learn the names of everyone in your groups & team.
  7. Use positive encouragement with all teammates, group members, and coaches
  8. Use of alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco is prohibited. This or any other illegal activities will result in immediate dismissed from camp.
  9. Texting or Cell phone usage during sessions is not permitted, during free time is fine.
  10. Please ask permission before taking any video/photos of camp friends or before posting any photos/videos to social networking sites.
  11. Campus is very safe but campers are NEVER permitted to walk alone. Make sure you have a friend or camp staff member accompanying you.

Campers are expected obey all Camp Rules and Regulations. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from camp and potentially being banned from future Saint Peter’s University camp.



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